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Council Tax Tenancy Information Sheet

Please complete this form if you are a landlord. Please provide as much information as possible. You can enter "Not Known" if you are unable to answer a question. Then click "Submit".
If you have provided an email address, you will receive confirmation by email that your form has been submitted successfully.

Landlord's Contact Details

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Is the address *
Is the address
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Tenanted Property

Property Address
Date Tenancy Commenced
Date Tenancy Commenced
Type of Let
Type of Let

Please give Full Names of All New Occupants

Please click on 'ADD' to add additional occupants
Please give if known: New Occupier's Previous Address; Any Other Relevant information
Please tick
Please tick
Please tick if known
Please tick if known
If Students, please state which Institution and Enrolment Numbers if known.
Please click on 'ADD' to add additional Institutions and enrolment number if necessary.

Outgoing Tenant

Date Property Vacated
Date Property Vacated
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